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PT Sumber Tri Makmur
Office :
Pergudangan Surya Kadu  E No 9
Kadu Jaya Tangerang Banten
15810 Indonesia
Phone +6221 294 37947
Fax +6221 29438032
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Foam Pump

Rollon Balls

Airless Bottle and Pump

Spray Sprayer Pump Company

Spray Sprayer Pumps Distributor in INDONESIA

PT. Sumber Tri Makmur was established in the year 2008. Our company is engaged in distribution of packaging for Cosmetic Industries, Personal Care Industries,  Household and Home Care Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Food and Beverage Industries, Chemical Industries, and other relevant industries.

We have various designs and colors of Spray / Sprayer Pump items :

  1. Dispensing Pumps
  2. Mist Sprayers
  3. Trigger Sprayers
  4. Roll on Balls.
  5. We also offers a customized packaging to our customers.

We aim to be the most thrustworthy partner to all our customers by providing them with the latest innovation packaging, backed with realibility on delivery (on time in full delivery) and superb quality product.

Komplek Pergudangan Surya Kadu Blok E No. 9 Kadu Jaya,
Tangerang - Banten 15810 Indonesia 
PH : +6221 294 37947
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